Business Support

Like cars; computers, printers and other misc. devices need regular servicing. Be it just simple cleaning or adjusting from use, wear & tear, it still has to be performed on a routine basis to ensure longevity of operation.
We have dealt with all manner of computer problems over the years, however it is now an established fact that systems that are maintained less than others, suffer more severe problems, cost more to correct and are out of use for longer periods. We cannot emphasise enough the need for regular servicing to keep your system operational and to ensure minimal downtime in your home, business or corporate environment. 


 StarterOffice BasicBusiness BasicBusiness IntermediateBusiness Advanced
Max No Devices (Ex Server)24688
Phone Support (Hours)*223610 HR CAP
Remote Access*12245
Onsite Hours223610
Workshop Hours223610
Priority Remote Access*-1223
PC Onsite Support*
Update Service (Basic)
Hardware Upgrade Labour*--
Wireless Configuration-
Basic Network Support
Advanced Network Support---
Network Cable Repairs-----
Server Std Support---
Server Std Updates---
Server Rebuilds-----
3rd Party S/W Liason--
Basic Hardware Loans---
Mon-Fri (9am-6pm)
Out of Hours Support----ADD-ON
Saturday Remote Cover---ADD-ONADD-ON
Next Business Day
8 Hour ResponseN/A-ADD-ON
4 Hour ResponseN/AN/A-ADD-ONADD-ON
Quarterly Backup Check--ADD-ON
Monthly Backup Check--ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Weekly Backup Check---ADD-ONADD-ON
Data Recovery Service-----
Cost of Service Pack€575.00€680.00€895.00€1495.00€1895.00
Actual Value of Services€5660.00€895.00€1190.00€1970.00€2775.00

*All prices quoted are subject to change without prior  notice and are subject to VAT @ 13.5%

** Denotes that additional terms or conditions apply to this service based on the package chosen