Due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation, we are ceasing all callout and onsite services from Wednesday 18th March onwards. (This will be indefinite until we are guided otherwise.)

Our primary objective is to do what we can to reduce the risks to all our customers, employees (and those connected with them) and we are strictly following the advice of health authorities.

As a major part of our business involves going out to you the customer for service and support, the reality is that this involves very close proximity for you and the equipment.

While we have already been practicing the highest of control and prevention as per government and HSE guidelines (both in and out of the office), there is no guarantee that some form of transmission may occur as the daily infection numbers increase.

We anticipate that a further shutdown of non-essential services, companies etc will happen and if this does occur, it is in both your and our interest to make the effort to control this spread and let it naturally dissipate without affecting those around us that could be worst hit.

As we have close, regular contact with a number of family members that are classed as “very vulnerable”, we have to be mindful of our duty of care to them. (No matter what difficulty it poses for others from a business perspective.)

Our main focus will be supporting our Contract Customers and those with Bank of Hours as best as we can through telephone and remote connectivity.

From Wednesday morning onwards, each of us will all be working remotely from home as we have prepared for this situation. Phones will be manned as usual from 9am onwards for queries and support – problems will be on a first come/first served basis. (Unfortunately, this excludes private customers who do not have any form of service package in place.) We will continue this service where possible unless people become sick and are deemed unable to work.

Office numbers in use remain the same as always and are:

(052) 7443700
(052) 7443701
(052) 7443702
(061) 51 3333


We will NOT be providing any form of ONSITE SERVICE during this shutdown.

This is a difficult situation for individuals, families, businesses & the wider Community and hasn’t been an easy decision for us.

We wish everyone well and hope that this isn’t as long a process as people are expecting. Normal operations will resume as soon as we deem it safe and support will go back to normal.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation