For those of you with basic or periodic requirements, or where a larger volume of work is required irregularly, a bank of hours is an economical option that we can now offer clients. This option can be used over a period of (up to) 15 months from date of purchase. It would allow you to have general support for many I.T. problems without the commitment of an annual service agreement.
Type of services included would be: hardware and software installations, backup of crucial data, cleaning, 
and other general services. Having these hours pre-booked can be advantageous where there is a greater
quantity of equipment to be serviced but doesn’t require active management on our part. This option is most
suitable for small offices, schools (both primary and secondary) and some industrial users.
How it works: The service callouts are logged in our system, the call time would be scheduled for a specific day and time, then deducted from your bank of hours as they are used. This would continue until your total time has run out. If you run out, you can always purchase another set of hours or an add-on to the existing by speaking to one of our staff members for rates.
 All prices include VAT @ 13.5% - Standard Callout Rate is: €85.00 + VAT